Sonntag 28. November 2021

Guided tour in English

Kunst & Baukultur, Film & Multimedia, Brauchtum & Geschichte

Kunsthaus Zug, Zug

  • Datum 28.11.2021  10:30 - 12:00
  • Ort Kunsthaus Zug, Zug
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  • Kategorie Architektur / Raumgestaltung, Bildhauerei / Skulptur, Design, Führung Kunstmuseum, Malen / Zeichnen, Video
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Time and space: Two mighty theoretical concepts that together serve as a unifying factor throughout the current exhibition. But they have little to do with dry theory here. In fact, time and space were the two constants in the work of Peter Kamm (1935-2008) and Christine Kamm-Kyburz (1949-2019). This exhibition is a homage to their lifelong commitment to a diverse cultural life in this region; to local artists; and not least to the Kunsthaus Zug.

All this began far back in the past, during the turmoil of the Second World War, when the parents of Peter Kamm – Fritz and Editha Kamm-Ehrbar – became friends with the Austrian sculptor Fritz Wotruba and his wife Marian here in Zug. Wotruba later helped the Kamm-Ehrbars to build up a private collection that is today probably the most important collection of Viennese Modernists in Europe outside Austria itself. Since 1998, this “Stiftung Sammlung Kamm” (“Kamm Collection Foundation”) has been a major component of the collections of the Kunsthaus Zug. The Kunsthaus would be a very different place if that friendship had not taken root. In a sense, then, Peter Kamm was well-nigh born with a love of art. His wife Christine Kamm, née Kyburz, shared this passion and commitment. While still an art history student, she joined the committee of the “Zuger Kunstgesellschaft” (“Zug Art Society”) and began campaigning for an art gallery in Zug.

“Time and Space” sets off in the footsteps of the Kamms, and exhibits some 200 works from their private collection for the first time – a collection as comprehensive as it is varied, and which formed part of their everyday life in their apartment. This exhibition moves from the past to the present to the future, and features architectonic objects, moving time sculptures, meandering structures, old etchings, pioneering concepts of new building, and even massive stones that are witness to times long past. These works are not just a testament to the Kamms’ personal approach to artworks, but above all provide a holistic perspective on art. This exhibition is an invitation to our visitors to discover their own concept of space and time.

A guided tour in English in the exhibition 'Time and Space Homage to Peter and Christine Kamm' with Dr. Marco Obrist, Curator of Collections.

Curated by Matthias Haldemann

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