Dienstag 31. Januar 2023

Event Night: Panel Talks - "The History and Future of Generative Art"

Kunst & Baukultur

unpaired Gallery, Zug

unpaired. NFT Gallery is delighted to invite you to the finissage of ‘LE MONDE NON OBJECTIF’ Solo-exhibition by Swiss artist Eko33.

At 18:30 on Tuesday 31 January, unpaired. NFT Gallery and Kate Vass Galerie will present you a panel discussion alongside with wine & snacks. On the panel discussion, you will hear from a diversity of famous curators and artists discussing the history and future of generative art.

🎤 Speakers:


    Lukas Amacher

    Georg Bak

    Johannes Gees

🎤 The panel discussion will be moderated by Kate Vass.

Block your calendar and get ready to embrace the traces of history imprinted in the dialogue between art and technology.

LE MONDE NON OBJECTIF’ Solo-exhibition by Swiss artist Eko33 continues until 31 January at unpaired. NFT Gallery in Zug.