Mittwoch 13. Februar 2019

Open Talk: How Ancient Astronomers Figured Out the Universe

Brauchtum & Geschichte

Bibliothek Zug, Zug

  • Datum 13.2.2019  18:30
  • Erg. Zeitangaben Duration: 45mins - 1hour
  • Ort Bibliothek Zug, Zug
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  • Preis Participation is free of charge.
  • Kategorie Astronomie, Geschichte, Vortrag
  • Zielgruppe Offen für alle
  • Barrierefreiheit Rollstuhlgängig, Toilette mit Rollstuhl befahrbar
  • Vergünstigungen Gratis für alle / Freier Eintritt
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With no access to modern instruments of measurement, provided only with observational skills and lucid thinking, ancient astronomers established the shape of our planet, its size, and other astronomical notions, many of which were astonishingly close to modern estimations. How did they do it?

If this topic intrigues you, join Cristian Violatti, author and former editor of the online Ancient History Encyclopedia, for another discussion on the human past.

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